Car-Domains, Cars-Domains and Auto-Domains for the Car Industry of the Future

Google prefers Cars-Domains, Car-Domains and Auto-Domains…. (Bildquelle: Dietmaha)

ICANN introduces over 1000 new domain endings – amongst which there are several domains for the car industry and car sales.

These domains are speaking domains, because it is already the domain ending that tells us what the website is about. These domains are easy to remember. A domain which is easy to remember is just as important as search engine positioning in the marketing of the website that is connected to this domain.

You can choose the following:
1. Car-Domains (
2. Cars-Domains (
3. Auto-Domains (
4. Tires-Domains (
5. Limo-Domains (

Why should you register your company name and your brand with these top level domains?

1. Internet and cars are moving closer together. Eventually the rear seats of cars will be equipped with screens and internet as a standard. Car manufacturers and sellers will fill their homepages with information about their offers and use a domain that is easy to remember, such as cars-domain or car-domain or auto-domain.

2. “Internet of Things”
The “Internet of Things” will play a major role in the car industry and in car trade.
a) in the production
b) in logistics, for example, with spare parts
c) as a product or additional feature for the consumer.

In the future consumers will no longer base on the engine capacity of the car, but on how much “connectivity” the new car has to offer. The automaker will provide car owners with a free custom subdomain under the registered domain of the manufacturer. Customers will be able to look up the functions of their car on the Internet and check: tire pressure, fuel consumption, fuel supply, oil level, condition of parts of the car such as brakes etc.

In the future it will be obvious for car owners to be able to locate their car, even in case of thefts. They will also be able to activate a “mobilisation lock” via the Internet. As a result, auto thefts will no longer be worthwhile because the owner will be able to electronically shut down his car and tell the police the exact location of it.

The “Object Naming System” of the “Internets of Things ” in the car industry must be based on a domain. Auto-Domains (Auto-Domain, Car-Domains, Car-Domain) are the best option because they are easier to remember and because they are more suitable to the international appearance of a company than country domains.

If you act now and secure your names with the new auto-domains, you’ll take advantage of this decision for decades. If you need it, you can create as many subdomains as you want for free, which offers different possible applications in the “Internet of things”.

From the perspective of marketing the idea behind these domains is to publish your special offers on websites with these domains in order to achieve a better ranking on Google and other search engine providers with the new domain names. These new auto-domains are like new, additional nets that allow you to fish in the market. An improved search engine ranking with the new domain names and the relationship between a better ranking in search engines and the new top-level domains has already been proven by a study of Searchmetrics for the .berlin-domains. Websites with .berlin-domains are often better placed in regional Google searches than websites with .de and .com domains. The result of the Search Metric study can be summarized as follows:

“42% of local searches ranked better with .berlin domains.”

Another study by Total Websites in Houston shows that the results of the Searchmetrics study are practically applicable to all new top-level domains, including the new Auto-domains. Total Websites states that Google gives a lot of importance to the domain extensions of the new top-level domains as a criterion for the evaluation of a domain and, therefore, concludes that:

“It is obvious that the new top-level-domains make rankings in search engines better.”

The Registration Authority says:”It is paramount for us to ensure a clean and secure namespace. We are implementing security scans and monitoring to prevent cybersquatting, phishing, or other malicious activities by bad actors. By doing this we provide a clear signal to internet users and to Google”s search algorithm to trust the car top level domains. This aligns perfectly with all companies within the automotive industry to further their digital marketing efforts.”

You can now secure your company name and brand name in a domain that is easy to remember in the Sunrise Period. Otherwise it might happen that cybersquatters and domaingrabber register your trademarks and company names and thus contribute to cause confusion in the market and dilute your trademarks.

Hans-Peter Oswald

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