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(NL/3908550587) a new trend is booming in aix la chapelle (germany)

with the advent of the raw vegan bread project, bakeries across the aken region are encouraged to try a new invention or rediscovery of ancient megalith bakery culture.

at the first recipes are online as examples of the future of local raw vegan bread. this is the solution for the overgrowth of peoples bowels with candida and other parasites which most people are not aware of … treatment of the past was mostly based on profit and did only increase the health detoriation of great parts of the local population. now with more good ideas from all over the world this trend is being reversed and the local raw vegan food movement is taking the lead. it is still mostly in small and progressive private circles where this kind of rejuvenation thru food is practiced.

with more and more people getting seriously ill and using too much of natures resources … a real solution is on the horizon. the future of oecher printen is there for those who feel some new spirit in all areas of life … where darkness is all over some lite can change everything … and no matter who we are and what we might have been eaten. we are not what we eat. we are what we have eaten. but we will be what we eat. and the most important ingredient in any food is light. sunlight is stored in plant based foods … get more light into ur body in order to shine !!!

get the facts in english for free at or in german language at

if ur are interested in more information and how to bring this new kind of bread / sweet bread / printe onto ur shelf in ur own bakery u are invited to write a letter to the initiator of this project
andreas tuengler
143, vaalser street
52074 aix la chapelle
germany – alemania – allemagne

is a private non profit health enterprise founded by a medical health professional, scientist, artist, author and musician. the author did research in laser medicine and in acceptance research. he earned his M.D. at luebeck university in refractive corneal and laser medicine. the most recent research project was about acceptance research and mobile cell phone health effects. his most recent publications are online as free ebooks at his website

Andreas Tuengler
Vaalser Str. 143
52074 Aken – Aachen – Aix-la-Chapelle (Federal Republic of Germany)