Combination of JavaScript Candlestick Chart with Line Chart

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candlestick chart javascript

If you’re interested in accessing all the HTML, CSS, and JS code, you can find it here. Our stock chart is now not only visually engaging but also equipped with interactive features for insightful data exploration. Now, allow me to introduce another cool enhancement for our JS stock chart. It’s essential to recognize that various events can impact stock prices, and seamlessly integrating event markers into the chart can be effortlessly achieved. Before we proceed, take a moment to preview the anticipated appearance of the final JS stock chart.

  • Programming something yourself is one of the best ways to get a solid understanding of any topic.
  • The next step was implementing the ability to zoom in and out of the chart.
  • As we embark on this journey, I’ll guide you through creating an interactive stock chart, complete with event markers, annotations, and more.

Each candlestick supplies a simple and visually appealing picture of price action. A trader can instantly compare the relationship between the open and close as well as the high and low prices. They can also be used to predict market reversals which can be extremely helpful for professional investors, brokers, etc. As a stock price moves in one direction, individual candlesticks form various patterns which traders can use to identify and predict major support and resistance levels. JQuery plugin for creating line, bar and candlestick charts.

There is no built-in solution for this, but we can easily create our own

Building a stock chart might initially appear intricate, but I’m here to demonstrate how straightforward it can be. Much like you wouldn’t want to miss the opening bell of the trading day, I encourage you to focus your attention here. We’re about to embark on the journey of crafting our own interactive JavaScript-based stock chart.

candlestick chart javascript

Other related customizations are color, risingColor, etc. In the below code, the user can change the title and behaviour of the Y-Axis according to requirements. The below snippet shows the configuration of ticks with date and time origin for the JavaScript Candlestick chart application. Let’s get started creating the JavaScript Candlestick chart by initializing the chart by calling the LightningChart () constructor. Since we will be using a 2D XY chart we can initialize that using the ChartXY () constructor.

Final JavaScript Candlestick Chart Application

Now that our foundation is set, let’s move on to writing the JavaScript code that will bring our stock chart visualization to life. So, hop on board as we explore the world of stock charts and learn how to create one from scratch. Previously, it only supported static candlestick values and had no way to update them dynamically. Therefore, I added a new updateCandlestick( candlestickID , open , close , high, low ) function that updates the values of a given candlestick. Candlestick patterns are particularly useful because they visually reveal key information that is hidden from the chart.

Highcharts has a more full featured candlestick chart and the ability to reverse the y axis, but as far as I can tell you MUST use timestamps as values for the x axis. Can be used to identify when the title, data elements, legend entries, axes, gridlines, or labels are clicked. With the right set of options, candlestick charts can be made to
resemble simple waterfall charts. A candlestick chart is used to show an opening and closing value
overlaid on top of a total variance.

How to Create Candlestick Chart with JavaScript for Stock Analysis

However, when I finally did, I realized they are actually quite easy and straightforward to read. An object with members to configure the minor gridlines on the vertical axis, similar to the vAxis.gridlines option. How many horizontal axis labels to show, where 1 means show every label, 2 means show every other label, and so on. Default is to try to show as many labels as possible without overlapping. HAxis property that specifies the title of the horizontal axis. HAxis property that makes the horizontal axis a logarithmic scale (requires all values to be positive).

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The second parameter is a mutator and is optional, only used when styling or modifying elements of the tick strategy. Look at the lower wick of the candlestick to get the security’s lowest price for the specified time period. On the other hand, the closing price of a security is the top of a green candlestick or the bottom of a red candlestick.

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An object with members to configure the minor gridlines on the horizontal axis, similar to the hAxis.gridlines option. Overrides the default format for various aspects of date/datetime/timeofday data types when used with chart computed gridlines. Allows formatting for years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds.

candlestick chart javascript

Now that everything is set up, proceed to the chart code itself. We are thankful to Shachee Swadia for contributing this awesome tutorial as a guest post for our candlestick chart javascript blog. OHLCSeries accepts data in the form of interface ‘XOHLC’. We don’t allow questions seeking recommendations for books, tools, software libraries, and more.

Candlestick Series or JavaScript Stock Charts can be created using the FastCandlestickRenderableSeries type. Plotly is a free and open-source graphing library for JavaScript. All code and data are processed and rendered in the browser.

  • Given example shows stock price comparison of AT&T vs Verizon in 2016 using Multi Series Candlestick Chart.
  • Whether the chart throws user-based events or reacts to user interaction.
  • Let’s get started creating the JavaScript Candlestick chart by initializing the chart by calling the LightningChart () constructor.
  • You can format the date labels on the XAxis by following the instructions on the Axis Label Formatting page.
  • In the resulting JS candlestick chart, it is possible to observe how the EUR/USD currency pair traded over two years.

I recommend techan.js based on and by the author of D3js. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. Here, the solid portion of the candle within the buy-sell spread defines the open & close price, and the candle “wick” defines the maximum and minimum price range. Returns the vertical data value at yPosition, which is a pixel offset down from the chart container’s top edge.

When hovering the plot area, it helps to gauge a precise position on the value scale, helps display tooltips for multiple series at a time. Each object in the chart can be interacted with, creating an animation that will aid in our understanding of the data shown. OHLCSeries are created using the addOHLCSeries() method. We will also be setting Candlesticks as the figure to be used here. All the LightningChart functions and properties that we need to build charts are included in the IIFE.